Friday, October 29, 2010

The journey the story begins..

Salam and greetings..hello friends..i'm hanako here..
trying to scribe a story of a child who loves to travels..wish to see the whole world by the time she grew up.

"when i'm a little girl, my parents told me that the world is round & learn about the great creator of this world. then i think - if i'm standing on this end, there must be someone in the other side who is also standing but won't she or he fall??"

when i enter school, i've found the answer when my science teacher taught me about onother class i saw an amazing 'world' in an round object called 'globe' and i was amazed and said to myself , "i want to see how the world look like at the other side where that someone must be standing"

..after some years, i've made it through 'Discovery' channel on tv. wow..the world is so huge and the natures had amazed me more, now i said to mayself "i will be there someday!!" ..start with baby steps..i'll, my dream will comes true.

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